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We offer sheet metal bending services online, complementing our cutting service, with a wide variety of thicknesses and diameters to meet the needs of our customers. Bending is a fundamental process in the manufacture of metal parts, with press-brake machines being the most popular due to their great production flexibility. With the same equipment, parts of different configurations and materials can be manufactured, and they also offer high performance and low production costs.

How to avoid metal deformation when bending sheet metal?

However, there are limiting factors that can affect the quality of the process, such as material properties, tooling characteristics and operator skills. One of the main problems in sheet metal bending is the deformation of the metal. During the process, the sheet is based on 2 die points and the punch presses the sheet into a third centre point. The material is compressed at the place of the punch pressure and stretched from the underside of the sheet, which generates a visible or invisible deformation. The elongation of the part at each bend depends on the thickness and type of material, bending angle, bending radius and rolling direction. To obtain a more accurate result, it is necessary to make experimental measurements. In some cases, the difference in elongation along the lamination length and width must be taken into account when creating the scan and placing it on the sheet. It is important to note that the more the metal needs to be deformed, the greater the impact needed, requiring more force on a smaller surface area and a smaller lever to apply the force. All other things being equal, bending in a die with a smaller bore requires the application of more force.

Discover the efficiency of metal bending with our online service.

Discover the efficiency of metal bending with our online service. At our online metal bending service, our experts are trained to provide the best service and overcome any challenge. They know all the techniques to avoid metal deformation and guarantee a flawless result. Discover the efficiency of metal bending with our online metal bending service! On our website, you can request a quote for any type of bending job you need, with a full range of thicknesses and diameters. Trust us and get the best result in every project.