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UMETALS&PARTS offers as a service the outsourcing of the online production of laser cut and/or bent sheet metal parts to our customers.

Our services:

– 2D laser cutting

– 3D tube laser cutting

– Laser welding

– Large format laser cutting

– Laser engraving

– Metal folding

– Inserts

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Manufacturer and supplier of metal parts

UMETALS&PARTS is your best choice for the treatment and processing of materials in a variety of designs. We offer a wide range of materials, from standard aluminium and steel to acrylic glass and 5 mm thick plastics. In addition, we specialise in fibre laser cutting, which offers numerous advantages over traditional cutting methods.

Our fibre laser cutting machines are highly efficient and precise, enabling us to offer highly competitive prices. Thanks to the automation of our cutting process, labour costs are minimal, which translates into lower prices for you. In addition, the laser does not wear out, which means you don’t have to worry about tool replacement and therefore the larger your order, the more cost-effective the process will be.

Another important advantage of fibre laser cutting is speed. Our machines can move at an impressive speed, allowing us to complete large projects in a short period of time. And thanks to computer numerical control, we can cut materials with unparalleled precision, which means we can create parts that are exact to your specifications.

At UMETALS&PARTS, our priority is to meet our customers’ needs. Whether you need a single part or thousands of them, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us for more information about our fibre laser cutting services and how we can help you complete your project efficiently and cost-effectively.

Manufacture and supply of metal parts

The development of fibre optic technology has brought with it several technological advances, the most notable of which is the ability to transfer information faster and in greater quantities than ever before. Instead of relying on telephone lines or copper cabling, fibre optic technology allows users to send data through diodes using beams of light. This technology has also revolutionised laser cutting technology, as fibre optic cabling can produce a beam 200% more efficient than CO2 lasers. In addition to higher power, fibre laser cutting has a number of advantages over traditional cutting methods. Here are some of the main advantages of fibre laser cutting.

Fibre laser cutting machines are highly valued by metal fabricators due to their adaptability and versatility in a wide range of applications. The advantages of laser cutters include competitive pricing compared to other cutting techniques, efficient automation, unmatched speed and accuracy, as well as the ability to create intricate cuts and clean edges. Lasers are capable of making holes, slots, tabs and other fabrications, making them ideal for many projects of varying sizes and complexities.