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We manufacture and distribute metal parts

We are a network of more than 3000 manufacturing partners and service centres. At UMETAL&PARTS as a manufacturer and distributor of metal parts, we are characterised by having access to an immediate and inexhaustible availability of material for the manufacture of all types of fully customised metal parts.
We have experience and are specialists in the supply of processed metal structures, profiles and much more.

We offer fast deliveries, meet your needs and evaluate the quality of suppliers so that you buy on our platform.

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Buy metals online

Buy custom-made metal parts in our online shop and experience the highest quality products made by us without leaving your home.

Online Manufacturing

Design and create your own metal parts within our online platform and get a high precision quality product.


You can count on expert advice at all times while you design and create your metal parts. Our experts are at your disposal to help you at all times.

Why choose UMETAL&PARTS?

Metals on request

We work with steel mills and metal processing and service centres according to our customers’ demands.

experience in the sector

25 years of experience in the area endorse our professionalism and trajectory. We are professionals in the steel industry.

individualised attention

We understand that each client is unique and has unique needs. We adjust to the individual requirements of each client.

We advice you during the whole journey

A specialist will guide you through the whole process of designing and creating your metals.

metals on demand

Experts in metal structures and their manufacture

UMETALS&PARTS is your online metal supply source. We make buying and receiving the metals and plastics you need for your projects easy and affordable, regardless of the size of your needs. Save time and money. Order today!

We offer you a powerful design tool to sketch and create the metal parts you need to shape your projects. Start now, get personalised advice from one of our experts and realise your plans in record time.


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