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Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting service

Our partners are European leaders in metal cutting, treatment and finishing.
They incorporate final finishing processes such as: bending, threading, welding, shot blasting and priming.

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Plasma cutting: an efficient technique for cutting electrically conductive materials

Plasma cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses a superheated plasma jet to cut electrically conductive materials.

Plasma is a collection of charged particles that, when combined in a jet of ionised gas, can reach temperatures of over 200,000°C, melting the material and allowing the cutting operation to take place. During the plasma cutting process, the plasma is narrowed through a small orifice by increasing the velocity to produce a jet and pass through the metals in question.

Plasma gases such as air, nitrogen, argon, oxygen and other common gases, and shield gases such as helium, nitrogen, argon or a combination of these gases are used. Manual plasma torches can cut metals up to 1.5 inches thick, while computer-controlled plasma torches can cut metals and alloys up to 6 inches thick. The plasma cutter operates at an extremely high temperature, between 200000°C and 250,000°C, so it is important to take safety precautions and wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

The optimum cutting speed for each type and thickness of material depends on a combination of electrical power and gas, and a low amperage plasma can cut to a depth of 6 mm with ease. The gases used in plasma cutting vary depending on the material and the quality of cut required, with nitrogen being one of the most common due to its low cost and ease of access.

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3D cutting

3-dimensional cutting offers the ultimate in cutting innovation. It has 3-axis cutting. Thanks to this cutting, it offers significant savings in all workshops. For all types of profiles and valid for both welded and bolted structures.

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